Neville has a long list of
complications: high
blood pressure,
sinusitis, diabetes,
glaucoma and on and

His deteriorating
health has now left
him sightless and  
helpless in bed.  
Many older people in Jamaica struggle to
survive. Especially those, like our aged friends
depicted on this page, who were not blessed
with the gift of children.

Even if these elderly receive a pension, which
is not the norm for many in Jamaica, it is
totally inadequate to provide for the basic
necessities, even without the rising cost of

The elderly in Jamaica struggle especially with
declining health. In many cases, medical
assistance and prescriptive drugs are way out
of their reach.
Mr "Rock" Murphy, 96 years young, is
physically challenged.

Recently baptised, Rock's throaty rendition of
"The Lord is My Shephard ..." is a real treat.

Like all our aged friends depicted here, Rock, is
also childless.
"Rise in the
presence of the
aged, show
respect for the
elderly and revere
your God."

Leviticus 19:32
Serving The Elderly in Ocho Rios Jamaica
Aged Friends
Christine and Headley Hamilton
Neville Russell
Headley suffered a stroke in September 2007, leaving him languishing in bed. Sightless, Miss
Christie, is not able to care for him as she would like.

Bread Basket Ministries is their main source of income for food, home care, supplies, medical
attention, doctor visits and prescriptive drugs.
As Pastors and devout Christians, the
Hamiltons preached and worshipped in many
small churches scattered in rural communities
across the island of Jamaica.

A powerful prayer warrior, Miss Christie lost
her sight some 10 years ago, but remains
wholly trusting in the Lord. She inspires many
with her humility, peaceful aura and fervent
Bread Basket Ministries
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