Enrich your Sponsorship -If you have sponsored children or aging friends, spending time with
your sponsored friend(s) is an incredibly enriching experience. You will witness firsthand how your
sponsorship has enriched their lives, which will in turn enrich yours. You will receive the smiles,
love and gratitude of your sponsored children and aging friends.

The cost of a 4 night BBM Enrich Your Sponsorship Vacation to Ocho Rios Jamaica is $400 per
person/double occupancy. This includes: accommodations at
The Blue House, meals, taxes,
gratuity, airport transfers and transportation to visit your sponsored friend during your trip. Airfare
is NOT included.
Bread Basket Ministries  
Serving the least among us in Jamaica
The majority of children and elderly in Jamaica struggle each day just to survive. In many cases,
they live in poverty beyond your comprehension. Your donation offers hope in the face of
malnutrition, inadequate medical care, poor housing or lack of access to education. Your donation
provides a chance for children, aging persons and families to achieve their desired potential, live
with dignity and participate fully in their own communities.

Bread Basket Ministries provides an answer to The Gospel's call for you to serve the poor. There
are several options available for you to open your heart to the impoverished in Jamaica :
Monthly or Annual Sustaining Donation
Designated Gift
Corporate Matching Gift
Non Cash Gift
Planned Gift
One Time, Monthly or Annual Sustaining Donation - General Fund

One Time, monthly or annual donations to our General Fund are the most popular ways to
financially support our Ministries. These gifts are vital to our ability to provide programs and
services in support of our mission.

Donations are sometimes made in memory of someone.
Designated Gift

People often show their generosity by giving to a particular project or cause. Designated gifts are
vital for the ongoing programs run by Bread Basket Ministries.
Current Project Funds include:
  • Food Basket Fund
  • Education Fund
  • Elderly Care Fund
  • Latrine Building Fund
  • Medical Assistance Fund
  • Sunday School and Bible Study Fund
  • Housing and Furshings Fund for our featured "Family In Distress"
  • Potable Water Fund
Bread Basket Ministries is in dire need of a mini-van/mini-bus to help with our transportation
Corporate Matching Gift

These are increasingly available to Bread Basket Ministries. Ask your company or institution for a
form and give us a chance to qualify. Often such a match means doubling your gift!
Sponsorship For Children & Aged Friends

Make the difference of a lifetime. Your sponsorship will enable a family to take the first step out
of poverty and began to make a better life for themselves.

Through a sponsorship commitment of US$50 monthly, you can help with life-enhancing benefits
such as food, clothing, medical care, and for children, the opportunity to go to school. Your
sponsored child or aging friend will also be encouraged by the knowledge that someone cares.
Your generous support will help fund programs that will make sure a child or aging friend will
never have to worry about going hungry again.
Click here to sponsor a child or aging person
Planned Gift

Today, more than ever, people are planning ahead for their charitable giving. Some give to Bread
Basket Ministries during their lifetimes. In that way we receive an immediate benefit and they can
see the results of their support.

In addition, deferred gifts may be planned. This can be a bequest in a will (which can be easily
accomplished through a codicil), or a life insurance policy naming Bread Basket Ministries as

Planned Gifts may be given to Bread Basket Ministries directly, for specific capital improvements,
funding designated programs, or for the General Fund.
Non Cash Gift

Bread Basket Ministries has been fortunate to have people donate significant non-cash gifts; e.g.,
office equipment, computer, bibles, etc. Please
contact us ahead of time in order to assess our
ministries needs.

For many people, non-cash gifts are a joy because they know the impoverished in Jamaica will
receive benefit from items that cannot be budgeted.
"Give generously
to your needy
brother and do so
without a
grudging heart;
then because of
this the LORD
your God will
bless you in all
your work and in
everything you
put your hand to.
 There will always
be poor people in
the land.
Therefore I
command you to
be openhanded
toward your
brothers and
toward the poor
and needy in your

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